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We Speak Bakish Marine

... combining the manufacturing experience with the knowledge on the needs and requirements of marine kitchens, providing cost-effective, resistant and easy-to-maintain solutions.

voltagens-adaptadasElectrical features according to marine requirements

estrutura-resistenteResistant structure in S/S AISI 304 with specific seals, to limit water entrance
elevado-soloEquipment elevated from the floor and possibility of anchorage
granulometriaSurfaces with reduced particle size and use of low-profile screws, for improved hygiene
fácil-limpezaEasy cleaning and maintenance of accessories and parts in contact with food

 (disassembly of whisks, drain cap, replacement of belts, ...)

usphs-ipx5USPHS and/or IPX5 upgrade


/ Different voltage and frequency requirements
/ Access to equipment instructions, documents and CAD files, to support the assembly, installation and naval architecture teams
/ Technical support available anywhere in the world, through Ferneto brand distribution network
/ High efficiency motors with reduced electric consumption
/ Flexible equipment with high production capacity
/ Equipment with several levels of customization and options


Planetary mixer, spiral mixer, dough sheeter and dough divider to the marine industry

Planetary mixer marine

With high performance, the BTF (20, 40 e 60 liters) and the BTI (80, 100, 120 and 140 liters) are authentic pastry chefs at your service.

Spiral mixer marine

Small or large quantities, more or less hydrated pasta, is always bread on board with the AEF Ferneto.

Dough sheeter marine

Tough as a soldier for a dairy higher production.

Dough divider Usphs

Flexible and efficient in the dough division.


Marine is the segment aiming directly to the "marine bakery industry", that gathers equipment prepared for ships, cruises, yachts, super yachts, oil rigs and other marine vessels.

This segment has specific requirements that the equipment "must match": installation and technical assistance on board, production, cleaning…

Having this as starting point, Ferneto has developed the “marine equipment”, available on USPHS and / or IPx5 versions.

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