Over the years, Ferneto has assumed a posture of reconciling economic development and social responsibility that would arise, based on a culture of transparency, ethics and justice for all those with whom it interacts.

Several projects have been carried out, in which we have been involved, instilling in them all a strong social concern. As a leading company in the bakery and pastry industry in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, we incorporate a broad portfolio of work in several food areas, acknowledging in them the responsibility and importance of our actions towards our partners and the consequent impact on society.

Currently, social responsibility should represent a compromise between companies’ ethical behaviour and their economic development, promoting the improvement of quality of living of the populations. Thus it is, for us, a variable as important as the quality of the products marketed, for their prices or for enhancing brand communication.

Based on the ethical principles of justice, respect for persons and social beneficence, we seek to adopt a dynamic, fulfilling our responsibility to customers, employees, suppliers, partners, society, the environment and the surrounding community, listening to their needs and interests, integrating them in the planning of our activities and our work.

In addition to work we do as part of our economic activity, which we identify with and for which we assume social responsibility, we support projects and activities within the bakery and pastry sectors that are also based on our concern for:

  • Promoting and placing value on bakery and pastry as a whole
  • Awareness for healthy eating
  • The preservation of traditions and customs and the valuation of gastronomy and culture
  • Solidarity between Man, towards a fairer society
  • Training for a better quality of life


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