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All our business relationships are governed by the principles of cooperation, teamwork and transparency, advocating the development of partnerships and platforms of understanding with all our suppliers, thus generating multiple benefits.

It is under this guidance, strengthened by a proactive attitude in finding solutions favourable to all stakeholders, that we developed our partners’ policy, integrating in the upstream all processes of planning, logistics and production, providing the development of superior quality products downstream.

This method of work, applied by all our employees, allows obtaining high productivity levels, synergistically, ensuring the provision of a quality service, involving all stakeholders as "team players".


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Featured: The “Festival Bakery” wins in Santarém Promoted by the specialist Paulo Chagas, and with support from Ferneto and Fastfer for assembling the equipment, the Santarém Festival Bakery was open during the 11 days of the event, producing bread from the north to the south of the country, as part of programme coordinated with the municipality days scheduled by the organisers. THINK’IN 2017 focuses on bread Bakery was the central topic of this edition and served as a starting point for the dynamics developed in the T(h)alks Auditorium” and in the “T Tent”... A great initiative. Congratulations to “Cooking with cheese and humour” 2017 ... this event brought together celebrity chefs, actors and comedians in an evening full of laughter, entertainment and delicious tapas, during which cuisine (with bread playing a major role) was a reason for great celebration.
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