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Ferneto S.A., financial sustainability

For an equipment to be profitable it is essential that it be controlled by a professional with technical skills to do so, supported also by a balanced management in its manufacture (purchase of quality raw materials, use of adjusted methods of conservation and manufacture, efficient distribution system and targeted sales channel). Only then will it be sustainable!

Just as the equipment, a company needs to create conditions and means to enable it to ensure its 'own sustenance".

It is thus through improving the resources that we have, giving them greater efficiency in the search for excellence, that we achieved our financial sustainability, supported by ethical principles and a policy of transparency with our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders, communicating the challenges and sharing the benefits.

Since 2008 we are a limited company consisting mainly of members that are employees, customers and partners. This particularity reinforces the sense of belonging among those who are part of the company, bringing them even further into the Ferneto structure.

This milestone stands alone in the history of Ferneto, proving the success of the developed policies of proximity and partnership.

Currently, the company has a capital of 3,590,469.00 euros and works daily so that, in a sustainable manner, it can generate returns on investments made by its shareholder structure.

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