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As its name indicates, the employees of a company are those who truly employ their efforts towards the feasibility, implementation and sustainability of a company's business. At Ferneto, the management of employees is a key variable to the success and overcoming of the challenges that the company proposes.

It is in this preamble that we see the human resource policy as an active management of capabilities and motivation of our employees, encouraging and returning the merit, efficiency and commitment, investing in a growing strengthening of our company as a team.

People are our most important asset! And their involvement with the company's interests is essential to the sustained growth of both.

To ensure the working conditions necessary for the optimal performance of the tasks that each employee performs, giving them the required resources, support and guidance, increasing their motivation, productivity and well-being as a professional, as a colleague and as a citizen in society, is our primary internal policy of human resources.

However, in addition to individual performance, each employee is also responsible for the collective success of the team and structure that he represents. We believe that persistence, cooperation, transparency, ethics and passion, "blended" in a team, is the best recipe for achieving the expected results.


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