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Respect for the environment and preservation of natural resources of the planet are increasingly a responsibility that companies must understand and assume as a central factor in the pursuit of their strategies.

The continuous awareness of employees and partners, the adoption of green behaviour and the encouraging of good practice in the day-to-day are duties that the several agents have towards society, but that are currently unsatisfactory for consumers that are more aware.

As manufacturer of equipment for the food industry, we share the philosophy that the development of new solutions, more energy efficient and that reduce the environmental impact, is not in itself a limit to the achievement of greater performances. Rather, it is a challenge that must involve all parties concerned, creating capital gains for them, which in the long-term will improve the quality of life of populations.

It is in this perspective that we developed a set of actions that respect the binomial between minimizing environmental impact and increasing the value and quality of the equipment solutions delivered to our customers. From the range of actions undertaken we highlight those directly involved in the production process and in the design of equipment:

  • the commitment to seeking the reduction of waste resulting from production activities, by adopting good practices;
  • implementation of the policy of the principle of waste hierarchy (prevention and reduction; preparation for reuse; recycling; other types of recovery; disposal);
  • separation/sorting of different industrial waste in each workstation, taking into account their family and dangerousness, directing them to duly licensed operators

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