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"We speak bakish" (We speak the language of the baker)

  • We are proud to have been born into a family of bakers.
  • We are the relatives and partners of our customers.
  • We like to use simple communication when contacting our partners.
  • We want to provide solutions that really meet their needs, respecting traditions and culture.
  • We want to create a reliable and functional product that earns profits.
  • We want to be specialists in this art.


This is our true positioning, what sets us apart on the market. Because of this we work tirelessly every day to be recognized.

We are much more than just a company. With our customers we form a community with shared interestsand values.
The newly coined word Bakish means valued art, pride of forming part of this sector and the ability to recognise our own style of communication, with our own modus operandi.

This positioning clearly translates into the essence of what we are today and puts us firmly back on the path that we want to follow.


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