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New machines for bakery and pastry

The development of new equipment and the introduction of existing equipment in new markets, based on a set of processes that take into account several requirements that we fully respect, taking the following into account:

  • the market to which it is intended (standards, laws and local regulations, energy supply conditions, logistics solutions);
  • the operation, performance of work and purpose of the equipment solution;
  • the economic needs of consumers and producers;
  • the methods of work of the professionals;
  • the culture and food traditions, particularly in the sector of bakery and pastry;
  • other requirements and situational particularities.


In short, we "gather the ingredients" needed to formulate the resolution of a problem, we "knead" all the elements together, we let the ideas “ferment" and we test them thoroughly, we "divide" the best alternatives and "shape" a proposal oriented towards the added value that it brings, serving the industry and the professionals who work in it, by developing machines and equipment for bakery and pastry.


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