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Technology is a concept that involves reason and the Man’s ability to solve certain problems, based on technical and scientific knowledge as well as resources, tools, processes and materials created by him. It is therefore an encounter between science and engineering.

At Ferneto, technology is always present, both in the upstream production of equipment and downstream in the final product itself.

Increasingly, we must equip ourselves with technological means that allow, in addition to performing tasks only unattainable by human hand, increased productivity, improved quality in our offer, minimizing the physical effort and, inevitably, reduction of production costs. Learn more about our factory.

In our equipment we apply various innovations and technological processes that enable us to reach a single final result, from which we highlight:

  • Use of specific raw materials for the baking industry, such as stainless steel AISI 304 for all parts and components that are in contact with food products, providing greater durability
  • Use of organic coatings (electrostatic painting process with specifications tested in laboratory) that provide greater durability of the equipment
  • Changes in the structure and handling of equipment that minimize the physical effort of operators (inversion of the kneading trough, automatic lifting of the mixers’ bucket, etc.)
  • Innovations in equipment operating system that enable higher levels of productivity (incorporation of more water in the kneading system of mixers), reduction of working hours and cleanliness
  • Innovations in the structure of the equipment that simplify operations of maintenance and cleaning of equipment (elevated structures over the floor, drain in the kneading troughs, etc.).
  • The integration of options controlled by operators, which automatically assist in the execution of certain tasks (water dispenser integrated into the mixers, scheduling of working hours)

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