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From the chassis to the bread! It is under this common thread, that our factory is designed.

We create the prototypes, carry out the production of the machines, and manufacture food products in our bakery lab.

Just as bread requires the fulfilment of a specific set of manufacturing steps (ingredients, processes and production timings) for it to be appetizing, healthy and have a good presentation, our factory is built for producing "machines with a solid and robust core but at the same time velvety and with a smooth brightened crust", capable of making the best that bread deserves. Visit us!

As manufacturer of equipment for the food industry, Ferneto demands of itself a fast and efficient responsiveness to current market requirements, adopting a responsible and attentive conduct. The authentication and efficiency of the means and methodologies for ensuring the features and/or specifications defined for the required level of quality are our foundation work.

As a leader, we have equipped ourselves with means, tools, equipment and a human mass with the skills that the current industry must yearn for. Supported by various work areas, we highlight the following:

• The assembly lines per type of equipment (mixers, blenders, mills, dividers, etc.).

• The section for electrical assembly;

• The section for grinding in a controlled environment;

• The section for welding;

• The section for bending and cutting;

• The section for lathes;

• The painting section; the section for finishes and labelling;

• The section for tests and electrical testing;

• The specialized carpentry section to support shipping;

• The section of raw materials and warehouse.

• The bakery laboratory equipped for testing of machines and bakery and pastry products, together in a manufacturing area of 13,000 m² in size.

Ferneto, manufacturer of machines for bakery and pastry.

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