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For all that bread symbolizes, for all that it entails, we love bread.

We like bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We like bread with cheese, bread with honey, with ham and with butter. We like "bread with teeth."
We like bread from Portugal, Spain, Angola, Brazil and Mozambique ... from the U.S., Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Sweden, and Poland! We like the bread of all nations, from all regions and from all locations. Wherever and whenever it is bread.

Cuisine and all its riches associated with bread and pastry are, without a doubt, a world heritage that we must preserve!

And Portuguese bakery and pastry are a global benchmark in this sector. We must not forget who we are and our history, taking on the responsibility to preserve and boost what is ours!

Because we are from Portugal and also because we are part of the world, we are passionate about bread!

That's why part of our investment is directed to communicating actions that promote the bakery and pastry sectors in various spheres of society, fairs and cultural and gastronomic events, schools and training organizations, charitable activities, besides demonstrations and other activities aimed at public professionals.

Discover our wide range of products and find out how our machines can support the manufacture of delicious breads and fantastic cakes.


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