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The quality of a product or service can be analysed from two perspectives: that of the manufacturer and that of the customer. For the manufacturer, the quality is associated with the conception of a product that meets customer needs. For the customer, quality is associated with the recognized value and usefulness of the product, in most cases, associated with price.

For us, these two perspectives open up to others that should be included in the analysis of the quality of the equipment.

On the manufacturer’s side, we included the research and development department that designs the equipment, the production team that manufactures it, the marketing that promotes it, the sales team that sells it, the shipping team that delivers it and the technical assistance that repairs it.

On the client’s side, we include the investor who buys the equipment, the professional who operates it, and the maintenance team that safeguards it.

All are involved in a multiple analysis of the quality of a machine.

Quality being a multidimensional concept, its evaluation should record all its characteristics: size and space requirements, presentation and design, durability, its functioning, the quality of the manufactured products, its ease of setting up and assembly, and, among others, its price. Quality has many dimensions and its definition is difficult, therefore the quality is determined when the customer expectations are exceeded.

It is through this line of thought that we manufacture machines that allow for aspiring to the quality required in all parameters and specified characteristics: compliance with applicable standards and regulations, food safety, certification of components and materials used, design friendly, simple operation methods, shipping, simplified setting up and support service, high quality of manufactured products, prices and competitive payment facilities.




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