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PORTUGAL: Fastfer technical support 24h/365 days a year

In a fully integrated system, the technical support in Portugal is provided by the Fastfer Company that has the means and staff trained with the ability to respond quickly to customer technical requests.

Permanent technicians available 24h / 365 days allow for technical assistance at any point of mainland Portugal, within a maximum of 6 hours. If there is risk of stopping production, Ferneto provides a temporary equipment replacement service.

The technical assistance of bakery and pastry machines, equipment preventive maintenance, sale of parts and reconditioning of equipment and accessories are the main areas to which Fastfer pays special focus.


INTERNATIONAL: technical support / agents

Always in close collaboration with Ferneto, the international technical support is provided by local staff. Agents are provided with training and knowledge, necessary to the correct technical support for the customer and industry professionals.

Given the strategic importance of the technical support department, the choice and selection of partners is a fundamental action that is important to highlight and control periodically. Only then can we ensure an excellent service to the market, framed in company policies.


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