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Proactivity, determination and professionalism in finding the solution, for and alongside the client, are the threads that guide the contact and work activities of our sales teams. It is based on this philosophy that a relationship of partnership and positive cooperation is created, between company and customer, ensuring market loyalty.

This loyalty inherently allows for a greater adaptation of our offer to the needs of customers and their satisfaction, combining equipment, technical assistance and professional monitoring services.

The rapid responsiveness of our work teams to the various challenges posed by the market, coupled with the condition of manufacturer and industrial producer that aggregates all circuits of conception, development and production, puts us in a position of added-value for our partners and customers.


Due to the position that the commercial teams hold with the market and the contact established with our customers, the sales teams are managed with the utmost rigour and attention so that they can ensure the motto that guides our organization "provide the best solutions."

The availability and spirit of cooperation applied toward an up-close commercial monitoring, the rapid response capacity in case of malfunction and technical assistance, the benefits and profitability provided by our equipment as well as the determining placed in each stage (pre, during and aftermarket), make the Ferneto solutions one of the cheapest options (in terms of the quality/price ratio) for those looking for and wanting to buy bakery and pastry machines: an excellent quality/price ratio and a fast return on investment.


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