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Cutting table: the speed in processes!
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Dividers: the versatility of a chameleon!
Semi-automatic bun divider with interchangeable head
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Pie-tart press: "Opening" pies never been so easy!
Video demonstration of the equipment Pie-tart press, idealized for moulding puff pastry dies, replacing the manual labour of opening the puff pastry in dies. Used to produce portuguese custard tart and several pies.
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Pie-tart press: Meat pies?!
Video demonstration of Pie-tart press producing...
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Lifting mixers (ABx)
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Spiral mixer - ATI (I / SERIE)
Spiral mixer with removable bowl (I / SERIE)
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IBA 2012 (Bakery, confectionery and snaks) / machines for bakery and pastry industries
IBA 2012 Fair video
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