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Planetary mixer 40 liters / Whipped cream / maximum bowl capacity
INGREDIENTS: 8l of cream (26% of fat); 1,6l of semi-skimmed milk; 1,6Kg of sugar;
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Produce minimum quantities with a Planetary Mixer.
... with a planetary mixer of 40l capacity, it is possible to produce 2 liters of batter
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At the production of Beira Salgados: pie line
Demonstration video of the LMM production fo pies (Beira Salgados)
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Dough cutting Table (MCF): production of cookies and biscuits
Demonstration video of the Dough cutting table conceived for cookies and biscuits production.
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Conveyor belts adjustment: Dough sheeter (LMA)
Demonstration vídeo: how to adjust the Dough sheeter conveyor belts.
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Press cleaning: Semiautomatic bun divider
Demonstration video: how to clean the Semi-automatic bun divider press and the Semi-automatic bun divider w/ Interchangeable head
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Preventive maintenance: Dough sheeter removable tables
Demonstration video: how to maintain preventively the Dough sheeter with removable tables - LMA.
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Pie-tart press (PMF): lace cut pie
Video of the pie-tart press stamping process: lace cut pies. Innovate your pastry.
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Spiral mixer - AFR
Video demonstration of AFR Spiral Mixer (R / SERIE)
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Bread slicer - CPF
Demonstration of the Bread slicer equipment
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