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Pie-tart machine - PMF
Vídeo: Pie-tart machine - PMF
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Automatic bun divider - DAA
Vídeo: Automatic bun divider - DAA
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Make-up dough line - LMM
Video: Make-up dough line - LMM
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Dough Sheeter - LMR
Video: Dough Sheeter - LMR
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Integrated water meter (spiral mixer - AEF)
Video: Integrated water meter (spiral mixer - AEF)
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Pie-tart press - PTF
Video: pie-tart press - PTF
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Tabletop bread slicer - CMF
Video: Tabletop bread slicer - CMF
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Square manual divider - DMQ
Video demonstration of the Manual square divider - DMQ
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Dough extruder - EMA
Video demonstration of the dough extruder - EMA
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We are Ferneto: manufacturer of equipment for bakery and pastry industries
fabricante d'équipements pour l'industrie alimentaire
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