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10 minutos: edição julho 2017
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FIA Lisbon: ACIP promotes Bread
Delicacies such as água and mistura breads, broa de milho and pão-de-ló, all produced at ACIP’s experimental bakery.
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A group from CFPSA in Coimbra visits Ferneto
Many bakers and pastry chefs who serve the bakery industry in Portugal and overseas have also passed through this institute.
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Village of Dreams transforms Vermelha
And it’s really true. On the 3rd and 4th of June, the sleepy village of Vermelha in Cadaval could change its name to the "Village of Dreams".
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Visit from the "Centro Social e Bem Estar de Ouca"
On 17 July we welcomed a visit by an excited group of children from the Ouca Social and Welfare Centre (Vagos).
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"Festival do Pão" 2017
The Portuguese Bread Festival is one of the largest domestic events dedicated to bread in Portugal; it is currently a strategic promotion activity run by the local government of Albergaria-a-Velha (Portugal)
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CASCI: a different kind of sweet
With numerous features, projects, people and entities involved, in 2014 CASCI decided to take a walk on sweet ground and started to work very seriously on confectionery, which is vital to society.
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Portugal's Best Folar Pão-de-Ló (ACIP) - 2017
On the 11th of March, yet another edition of the Best Folar and Pão-de-Ló was held, organised by ACIP, the Trade and Industry Association for Bakery, Patisserie and Similar Sectors.
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Thank you, Carlos Neto!
No-one is irreplaceable, so they say! But it would be hard for anyone who has come across Carlos to be able to make any sense of that phrase.
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"WOMEN'S BREAD" by Mouette Barboff
Mouette Barboff, a rather well-known figure in the "bread-making world" who has published various books in Portugal and France, including of particular note the book “A tradição do Pão em Portugal”, has launched another work for the "bread library".
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