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“We are what we eat” is an expression which can be applied to our well-being and the defenses in our organism. Eating well is an investment in our health.

In a time when we are living a sanitary crisis without precedent, it is important to have a diverse diet, which gives our immune system a boost and allows for a quicker and faster recovery in case of illness.

Popular belief says that a good dose of oranges does not cure a cold, but we also know it can help. Therefore, a good preventative method is the ingestion of high quality goods, diverse, rich in nutrients and proportional quantities

With regards to bread there are various (and good) choices to be made. Although the procurement may be limited due to the current state we live in, below we give you a list of breads which improve our defenses and taste great:

  • rye bread
  • whole wheat bread
  • corn bread
  • spelt bread
  • locust bean flour bread
  • sun flower and linseed bread
  • quinoa bread


Breads which have various flours in their recipe and traditional production methods.

On the other hand we are aware that the preventative isolation methods can influence buying habits, mainly in reducing the amount of times consumers buy and in door to door drop off. Because of this we recommend choosing, high quality bread which guarantee a balanced, diverse and durable diet.

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