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The Pie-Tart Machine is an industrial equipment conceived to stamp doughs, replacing manual labour through a mechanical and automated system allowing higher and continuous stamp dough production. Consisting of:

  • Row for magnetic metallic tins or foil tins placement
  • Stamp element
  • Motors that start/ the line and the stamp element movements
  • Interconnection of technological process allowing the control of the stamping process (air pressure and temperature control)

Although being prepared to produce a wide range of products such as tarts, pies, puff pastry pies, shortcrust pastry pies and other dies, the pie-tart press allows the manufacturing of new and creative products. See the advantages of the PMF here.:


Shaping tarts and other pies by hand, is directly associated with several difficulties and loss of profitability.

Based on the formula “- effort + speed = quality, the Ferneto’s PMF125 is presented as a versatile, ergonomic and compact equipment with high productivity rates.

On a small row of tins, the PMF can automatically stamp the dough portions up to maximum of 1900 units per hour.

The Ferneto´s PMF125 can mould puff pastry and shortcrust pastry.

Are you tired of shaping pies by hand? Are you looking for an equipment that can assist you? Do you want productive performances keeping higher quality standards? Contact us.


Pie-tart machine - PMF


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