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At Ferneto we know that in order to speak the same language it’s vital to perceive the true needs and challenges that our customers experience on a daily basis. It’s important to speak Bakish.

Along this line of thinking, and due to a huge desire to see things differently, the Bakish Forum was created, dedicated to French-speaking Africa: Mali, Chad, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.

This initiative encouraged discussion and sharing, focusing on the trends, opportunities and possible paths that these markets could take, with the aim of fostering their growth while always respecting the cultural identity of each of them.

Professionals from several different countries took part, allowing the creation of a strong and intelligent discussion group, with different points of view and perspectives that enriched the forum, on matters related to the key ideas of “more profitability, more variety and more Africanity”.

As a result, on 30 and 31 July we opened the doors to our house and one of our main work venues: Bakish Center - Carlos Neto and kicked off the discussions, after listening to the following presentations:

  • Training: cost or investment - Emmanuel Tertrais, Baguette Academy;
  • Puratos in Africa - Jan Mertens - Puratos Research Manager;
  • Diversification of consumption and segmentation of the African market - Diogo Cortinhal, FN Way
  • Future of Food, Viability of the Food System and Circular Economy - Luís Mira Amaral
  • Technology for a profitable and diversified bakery industry – José Mário, Andreia Afonso and technical bakery and engineering teams


Two fantastic and intense days, which resulted in a multi-faceted and highly enriching learning process involving the use of dough mixers and baguette moulders designed for the African market, dough dividers with high performance for the division of beignet dough (a type of jam doughnut), and dough sheeters and pie tart machine for pastries.

We would like to express our thanks to all of those directly and indirectly involved in Bakish Forum Africa, particularly all of our guests.


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