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Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources are the "two cornerstones" of any sustainable energy policy.

The diagnosis and evaluation process allows energy efficiency solutions to be identified, specifically in terms of the thermal behaviour of the different areas of the building, the modernisation of installed technical systems, the revamping of lighting systems and the implementation of renewable energy production systems.

In order to reduce energy consumption, certain actions can in the long term decrease monthly energy bills and their impact on the business. Some examples:

Buildings and facilities

  • Replacement of windows and frames with double glazing, thermal barriers and ventilation grilles;
  • Installation of solar protection films on glass and interior blackouts to improve thermal comfort;
  • External roof and wall insulation;
  • Replacement of individual air conditioning systems with centralised systems (chillers and heat pumps);



  • Use of electric vehicles to replace fossil fuel vehicles;


Renewable energy

  • Installation of photovoltaic panels on roofs or on the ground for power generation;
  • Installation of solar collectors for heating water;



  • Replacement with efficient bulbs (T5 or LED);
  • Installation of motion and presence sensors for lighting control;
  • Installation of dimmer switch control systems;


Industrial equipment

  • Installation of electronic controls and adjustable speed drives on equipment;
  • Use of high-efficiency motors;
  • Better thermal insulation in refrigeration equipment;


Other equipment

  • Acquisition of equipment with an energy rating of ≥ A;
  • Implementation of automatic routines in computer equipment (installation of time controllers in monitors and copy centres - standby);
  • Select domestic appliances that do not use CFC's (chlorofluorocarbon), which harms the ozone layer.


These are some of the more general measures that can be used to reduce monthly energy bills.

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