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The emission of dust resulting from the use of dough mixers is the main point addressed by the European Standard EN 453:2014, which requires changes to be made by equipment manufacturing companies and employers: bakeries, confectioneries and other bakery manufacturing units.

The use of an sealed safety guard on the mixer bowl is the method used and implemented by Ferneto to limit dust emissions.

At Ferneto, for dough mixers destined for the "CE markets" (European Union member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey), we use 2 types of bowl guards, according to the types of equipment:

  • Closed safety cover in technical polymer PETG – fixed bowl mixers (AEF, ABX, AFR and AXR)
  • Stainless steel safety cover – removable bowl mixers (ATI)


The first is made of technical polymer, a material suitable for the food industry. It is high strength and is transparent to offer the operator good visibility. The second is made from AISI 304 stainless steel, which is also suitable for the food industry.

The two guards meet the requirements set out in the European Standard EN 453:2014 and their performance is equivalent to bowl’s security bars. They do not interfere with mixing quality.

The guardsinclude a small opening with a lid, in technical polymer, which allows the operator to remove samples of dough and check the characteristics of the product that is being mixed. This opening, which has its own lid, must be kept closed to prevent the propagation of dust.

For markets outside the European Union, bowl guards are defined based on other rules, set according to the rules of the relevant market.


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