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Mouette Barboff, a rather well-known figure in the "bread-making world" who has published various books in Portugal and France, including of particular note the book “A tradição do Pão em Portugal”, has launched another work for the "bread library".

The book "Pão das Mulheres, pão legítimo" is a work of great ethnological value, which is based on Mouette Barboff’s extremely thorough research in various regions of Portugal between the 1980s and 1990s and portrays the different customs, techniques and experiences in the art of bread-making.

While leafing through the book, we can easily come across truly genuine accounts of the Portuguese people, showing the social context on beliefs and rituals... 71-year old Laurinda, one of the people referred to in the book, finishes the kneading process by making a cross on top of each pile of dough, reciting:

"May St Vicent make you rise
May St John make you into bread
May Our Divine Lady
Lay her hand upon you"

(“São Vicente d’acrescente
São João te faça pão
Nossa Divina Senhora
Te ponha a sua mão

This is a journey to three regions of our country, experienced with great respect and care for Portuguese bread, which is sure to appeal to all those who love Portuguese tradition, culture and bakery.

This initiative is further proof that Portuguese bread-making is a heritage that should be valued as a whole, as it transmits our identity as a people, contributing towards the enrichment of Portugal as a nation.

Find out more information about the book “Pão das Mulheres” which is supported by Ferneto at www.ancora-editora.


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