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17 March saw yet another edition of the Best Folar and Pão-de- Ló Competition, run by ACIP (The Trade Association for Bakeries, Patisseries and Similar Industries).

This year, the fifth edition of the competition was held in Sangalhos (Anadia), as part of the “Sweet Sugar Festival” cake design fair held between 16 and 18 March.

Congratulations to the winners and to everybody who directly or indirectly participated in this initiative, contributing to improving the Portuguese bakery sector.

And the winners of the V ACIP Best Folar and Pão-de- Ló in Portugal Competition are:

  • Category Sweet Folar - Vermoinho, Maia
  • Category Savoury Folar - Pão Quente Montenegro, Carrazedo de Montenegro
  • Category Pão-de-ló - Pastelaria Diodoro, Coimbra
  • Category Moist Pão-de-ló - Pastelaria e Confeitaria Ramos, Aveiro
  • Category Innovation - Pastelaria Pires, Leiria



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