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With only 741Km2, our pearl of the Atlantic welcomes a unique beauty in comparison with its geographical dimension.

Fantastic natural landscapes traced by surprising levadas (irrigation channel), subtropical climate where the sun sets in a dazzling way in Ponta do Sol, a wide panorama of cliffs and sea all over the island, gastronomy based on rural customs and truly hospitable people who know how to receive and who teaches what is to be from Madeira…

And it is, for this and much more, that tourism assumes itself as one of its main assets. In 2017, 1.4 million tourists visited the island, contrasting with its 267 thousand inhabitants. An impressive number that demonstrates the position of Madeira at the top of tourism and confirms its ability to organize services for value delivery.

In this line, there are the baking industries that have done much for insular entrepreneurship. Thank you all very much for the work and pride delivered in each storefront, in each batch.

But let us go to the part of the delicacies of Madeira that is the title of this text:

  • the skewed Madeiran is the typical dish par excellence of Madeira, beef tender and juicy in laurel stick skewers,
  • tomato and onion soup, enriched with a poached egg,
  • the chopped that all chop, of veal cubes fried in garlic and peppers, accompanied with sauce and chips,
  • swordfish, skipjack, tuna and limpets,
  • the “poncha”, brandy made of sugar cane with honey and lemon juice,
  • and other delicacies that dazzle in our field, in the bakery ...



Although it has cake name, it is a flat and wheat bread that is served warm with garlic butter and parsley.

It is present in the menus of all restaurants, at lunch and dinner, at fairs and popular festivals.



Prepared in the Christmas season, honey cake is one of the most emblematic and old candies in Madeira where its origin is linked to the production of sugar cane on the island.



Coming from the convent confectionery, queijadas are small pastry, flat and rounded, with a very thin and crunchy dough that is stuffed with cream of curd.



A delicious dessert, fresh and sweet, ideal for summer. This pudding is another of the island specialties made with one of its most typical fruits, passion fruit.


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