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A Guinness World Record for the largest chorizo bread in the world, measuring 1211.6 metres, was set on the 10th of July 2005, as part of an activity coordinated by Ferneto.

(Source "Jornal do Ponto")

This event featured the participation of over one hundred professionals and involved close to 60 uninterrupted hours (day and night), as well as a lot of flour, sausages and that wonderful smell of baking bread. Forming part of the Bakers and Bread festival held between the 7th and 10th of July, various entities participated in this record breaking event:The Municipality of Vagos, the Vagos 2005 Vagos Town Fair Committee and the Vagos Volunteer Fire Service, as well as a range of companies: Germen, Mistolin, PaloAlto, Sagres, Ferneto and others.

A lot of effort, dedication and sheer willpower.This was the only way possible to achieve this goal and bring the record for the Largest Sausage Sandwich in the World to Vagos.In the end, the sandwich was sold in portions and all funds raised were donated to the Red Cross and the Vagos Volunteer Fire Service.Many thanks to everyone involved.

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