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Cartaxo’s Wine Festivity is an event, organized since 1988 by Cartaxo’s Town Hall, which has as main purpose the preservation of historic and cultural identity, as well as the promotion of local wines.

Each year, Cartaxo’s festivity proposes a trip around wines world in a space where you can also enjoy regional gastronomy and musical entertainment.

Moved by the desire to go further, in order to bring news and differentiating elements to this event, this year’s edition decided to invest in bread as its guest of honor.

Both arts of flavors born from tradition sat down at the same table and celebrated together Cartaxo’s Wine Festivity.

Two different elements but with so much in common… they are born in countryside, are transformed through fermentation and rising, they are also presented in different ways by Man and they also embody memories and identities, being present in moments of sharing, union and happiness.

Moreover, as a good host, the organization of Cartaxo’s Wine Festivity has prepared itself in order to receive the Bread properly:

  • it has a space specially dedicated to bread, settling a bakery equipped for kneading, molding and baking bread, which has counted with Ferneto’s and Fastfer cooperation;
  • it invited CFPSA professional school (Centro de Formação Profissional para o Sector Alimentar – Professional Training Center for Food Industry) to make show cooking in loco during the event;
  • it provided to local bakeries which serve the municipality a showroom for their products;
  • and engaged younger ones in the art of bread making through child workshops.


And, it was like this, from 30th of April to 5th of May, bakery and its players mixed a lot of wheat in order to involve the visitors, conquering and bringing more people interesting in bakery.

In tribute to all, the Wine Festivity took photos published in its Facebook page and that were kindly ceded to us.

To the Fair organization, to all those who are involved in bakery and to all visitors, thank you all for bringing bread to this so tasty Festivity.

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