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Located in southeast of Brazil, the state of Espírito Santo (ES) has an extensive coastline that includes 73 islands, in a landscape which is a mix between sea and mountain.

With around 3, 5 millions of inhabitants, Espírito Santo is one of the smallest states of the country. However, in economic field, ES assumes the position of biggest marble and granite exporter of Latin America, also being the world second biggest transoceanic mining operator regarding iron ore.

“Capixaba” population (name used to designate people from ES that comes from kopi’xawa, Tupi’s language belonging to tupi-guarani, which means “plantation” or “farm”) has its cuisine based on indigenous culture, on fishing tradition and on influences from communities that it has been receiving over its history, namely the portuguese, italian and german ones.
"Capixaba moqueca", fish moqueca or seafood moqueca, all cooked in clay pots are the ex-libris of ES gastronomy.

In nutrition field, bread assumes preponderance in the capixaba economy, with about two thousands bakeries distributed in whole state and creating 25 thousands direct jobs, according to ES Government.

It is in this context that appears the “Super Feira Acaps Panshow”, a trade fair that has a history of 32 editions. Super Feira is organized by ACAPS (Associação Capixaba de Supermercados – Capixaba Association of Supermarkets), in partnership with Sindipães (Trade Union of Baking and Confectionery Industries from the ES State) and has the supportive collaboration of Ferneto Brasil in the realization of Artisanal Baking Training Course, in last January.
During three days, the Carapina Event Center received 23 thousands of visitors in an impressive dynamic that concedes prestige to the whole Brazilian bakery.

Capixaba’s food industry is a constantly evolving sector, with high levels of exigence that forces the development of solutions more and more competitive, reliable and adapted to the needs of businesses and professionals, by the equipment producers such as Ferneto.

For Ferneto Brazil, the participation in Super Feira Acaps is the result of a positive work that has been carried out in the State of Espírito Santo in recent years, together with local agent. To all of you, who were with Ferneto Brazil, thank you so much.

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