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Ferneto took another step in reducing its ecological footprint, by installing 193 solar panels on the new roof of the industrial unit, in a process that was completed last July 2020.

This measure, part of a global set of investments towards the company's energy sustainability, will contribute to increasing the energetic efficiency of daily activities that affect the production of equipment and administrative areas.

The installed photovoltaic modules, in an area of 500m2, generate about 54 kW / h of electrical energy, which allows a monthly reduction, of about 1000Kg in the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

This is an investment that allows us to produce our own energy, taking advantage of one of the main sources of renewable energy in our region - the sun on the Portuguese west coast, which accompanies us for many days of the year.

For Ferneto, the use of clean energy, from renewable sources, is a response to the current challenges of climate change that the world is going through, being, likewise, a positive sign for everyone with whom we relate, raising awareness for change in an ongoing pattern.

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