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"Oita's croissants came back ...",
"those chocolate croissants",
These were some of the phrases that were heard (and read on social networks), in a nostalgic tone, when reopening the Croissanteria do Oita.

The origin of the Croissanteria do Oita dates back to 1984, precisely in the same place it is today - on the 1st floor of the Oita shopping center. The manifest specialization of its manufacture - the croissant, by itself differentiating, allied to the privileged location that enjoyed in the brand new commercial center, catapulted for the creation of a reference in the public from Aveiro.

The Croissanteria was the meeting point of a generation or even several generations.
Co-workers who were at breakfast, groups of students who combined a "trip to croissants," couples who culminated in their Sunday walks and friends who met after a movie session. The Croissanteria and Oita itself left a good memory for those who passed by.

But like everything in life, everything has its time. In 2000, with the emergence of new commercial spaces, more attractive to the local public over traditional shops, the Croissanteria decided to close, leaving a nostalgic feeling (and a bittersweet taste) for many people who knew the store and Oita.

And, after 17 years, one of these people, an entrepreneur willing to relive the good memories she had, decided to put her hands on the mass to resurrect a brand that was asleep in Aveiro.

In 2016, Anabela Brandão approached the former owners, invested in space, joined the necessary knowledge, designed attractive menus for consumers, received training in our house (Ferneto) to improve some techniques and opened doors on February 8, 2017 with will to fill the emptiness installed in the shop on the 1st floor of Oita.

Without betting on any divulgation, besides the physical evidence of the space, the Croissanteria of the Oita became the subject of conversation in the streets and murals of Facebook, creating a great boom of initial clientele in the first weeks, completely unexpected for Anabela and her team.

Increasing queues, day after day, the unimaginable last-minute orders and the fervent desire on the part of some people who did not understand the artisan character of its production, implied in sales resignation to the Croissanteria, where the inflexibility of schedule of the commercial center was also an impediment to the provision of a service consistent with its image. The store's early closing “closes at 4pm” and the sales limitation “1 croissant per person” were necessarily implemented.

After the (good) initial storm, Croissanteria faces a day-to-day action to permanently improve the product, service and also the business.
For Anabela, without any arrogance that we understand in her words, Oita's croissant is truly simply but equally rigorous in the parameters of quality that she has defined for her product portfolio, which we can sum up:

  • The rigor in the choice of all its raw materials, from the butters used in the puff pastry to the salty fillings that needs to be acquired,
  • The analysis of the characteristics of the ingredients that it uses, as the example of water that differs from region to region,
  • The methods of conversation that it implements in the different phases of production of the croissant,
  • The adoption of different techniques as is the case of the “simple” but difficult manufacture of soft eggs, where sought a texture that suited the spread of your croissant,
  • The critical look of your product, to 360 degrees, with successive tests in search of more flavor, more quality and a better experience in the consumption,
  • The incentive for a team spirit in which everyone can contribute to positive change, valuing the experience and creativity of their staff,
  • The selection of a portfolio of suppliers that meets your requirements and that can also, regardless of your position, contribute to the improvement of your product and service, living up to its philosophy,
  • And all the empirical knowledge that collects inside and outside doors to be able to always do better.


They are some of the ingredients that make up your recipe very successful. However, there are other challenges that the Croissanteria faces, especially the need to attract people to your home.

Chocolate and egg-soft or veal croissants are essential to generate but it is equally important to reach out to more consumers, in or out of doors.
The weekend croissant with suckling pig and the damn Wednesday are a few actions inside the store. Already abroad, the Croissanteria joined the food truck, creating a caravan to be able to be in other locations, approaching the population and, why not, participate in themed events.

Therefore, it was a late afternoon spent at the Croissanteria, in the friendly and enthusiastic company of Anabela Brandão who gave us the story of the new Croissanteria until then.. We take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in Ferneto and we wish you great success since this brand has still a lot to offer to Aveiro.

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