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365 days per year, the Fire Service is a living force in society, which acts and reacts whenever adversity comes a-knocking. When somebody dies, when we ask for help and when we don't know what to do when it comes to prevention, the Fire Service is always ready to help, with a smiling faces and comforting gestures.

As seen in recent years, 2016 has been a year during which fire services from all over the company have suffered a lot, and have worked tirelessly to fight the forest fires that have afflicted Portugal summer after summer. The Vagos voluntary fire service has acted adeptly during this mission, as well as in all other areas of expertise with the entire surrounding community.

A day job full of courage, service and plenty of love. It is work that deserves the recognition and praise of everyone, every day of the year, come rain or shine, because being a Fire Fighter is all about showing solidarity, helping your neighbours and never turning away from a struggle.

Due to all of this, and to the close partnership that we have always had with the Vagos Fire Service, we got together to carry out a very “sweet” initiative for the new year.

With a fun recipe, where a diversity of flavours and good cheer were seen inside the bakery throughout the project, we were able to mix the ingredients to create a new calendar, which will become a force to nourish 2017.

Above all, this calendar is a tribute to two of the best ways Portugal knows to express itself: through solidarity and gastronomy represented by the Vagos Fire Fighters and by Portuguese bread and cakes. This initiative will raise funds to support the Fire Service and to built a house that will pay homage to the Vagos Fire Fighter, “Flint's House”.

Please support this initiative, as it is a calendar that brings together the courage and solidarity of the Vagos Voluntary Fire Service with the traditional flavours of Portuguese bread and cakes, present every day of the year. Together, they are worthy of celebration every day.

The Vagos Voluntary Fire Service is currently preparing a range of activities for selling their calendar, which can be purchased at the Fire Station of Vagos


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