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The European Standard EN 453:2014 highlights the main existing hazards, which correspond to potential risks for equipment operators, including the inhalation of flour dust due to the use of spiral mixers.

Drawn up by CEN (the European Committee for Standardization), EN 453:2014 aims to define and standardise the manufacturing of equipment, helping manufacturers to guarantee operating and safety parameters.

This standard is valid for all dough mixers with volumes between 5 and 500 liters, used individually or in continuous lines, in the food, bakery and confectionery industries, for the preparation of dough with flour, water and other ingredients.

All new fixed, removable and tilting bowl mixers placed on the European market are covered, specifically in the EU MemberStates, EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and Turkey. For markets outside the European Union, bowl safety covers are installed based on other rules defined according to the relevant market.

It is concluded that dust emissions from dough mixers should be minimised by using a guard sealed onto the bowl, or another protective method, to limit dust emissions.

The standard states that there must be no breathable particles in the air.
For a better definition, breathable particles are defined as those with a diameter of less than 8 μm (microns). The measurement must be made using a dust meter for breathable particles. For further clarification on dust measurement in the work environment, please contact an occupational health and safety technician or company.

The European Standard EN 453:2014 was published in 2016 and, like any other standard, allows an adaptation and transition period so that manufacturing companies can create, develop and apply the necessary changes to the equipment that they manufacture.

At Ferneto, we have had a solution that meets this need since 2016, we have had a solution that meets this need (stainless steel bowl's safety cover). During this adaptation period, the company has worked hard to make it more functional and more competitive, while respecting working methods in the bakery industries.

Some of the versions that have been developed were presented at professional fairs in the sector, such as Intersicop (Spain) in 2017, Tecnipão (Portugal) and IBA (Alemanha) in 2018.

After performing numerous tests on the solution that was found (strength, production and performance tests), Ferneto completed this process in May 2019, on which date it was released onto the market.

In Ferneto's opinion, in order to limit the propagation of dust and to meet the requirement of the EN 453:2014 standard, as well as to preserve the ergonomic features of Ferneto’s spiral mixers, it was decided to develop sealed bowl safety cover using technical polymer and stainless steel.

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