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Reducing energy consumption in economies, and in industry in particular, has increasingly become an constant concern.

Energy saving is an major issue to reflect on, but it is essential to consider both energy efficiency indexes and the resulting ecological impacts.

Energy efficiency is nothing more and nothing less than the rational use of energy, regardless of whether it is electrical, solar or other type of energy.It is simply more efficient use to achieve a certain result.

It should be considered that a low consumption solution is not precisely more efficient than another solution with higher consumption. An equipment with a power of 5kW is not necessarily more efficient that another with 7kW, it just means that it consumes less energy when it is operating.

Therefore, energy efficiency analyses should instead focus on comparing the results of operations and the actual operating times and consumptions.

This concern for the sensible use of energy and the resulting economic rationality has led to some changes being made in the equipment that we manufacture, summarised in the following points:

  • Improved thermal insulation of water coolers, cabinets, tables and refrigeration chambers;
  • Use of high-efficiency motors;
  • Better ventilation systems;
  • Implementation of mechanical construction techniques that achieve more efficient results.


In addition to making energy efficiency improvements to our equipment, we have also made changes to our internal manufacturing production processes, and have replaced our equipment and tools with more efficient and ecologically less aggressive versions.

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