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Ferneto Moçambique is currently a well-known company in Mozambique’s economy and society, a brand that walks hand-in-hand with its friendly people as they go about their daily lives. This position is due to all the hard work effort and passion put into the business since the first cornerstone was laid.

Although it was founded on 18 June 1998, in the city of Beira, the preliminary ground work was actually started a long time before, with many visits and activities carried out directly on the market until a local company was found to represent the brand.

Little by little, Ferneto Mozambique gradually started to meet the conditions required to operate according to quality standards set by the Ferneto brand, as well as the requirements of the Mozambican market, and to follow the global strategy of the parent company in Portugal. The direct contribution of one of the “Portuguese” Ferneto’s founding partners, Carlos Neto, was an essential part of this process.

From bakery to bakery, from north to south and east to west, the brand was always presented as a potential partner company, with a desire to see the bakery industry in Mozambique grow, and society along with it.

The company patiently waited for opportunities and, using a different approach based on human relationships and constant concern for wealth creation, was able to quickly leverage its growth and expand into Maputo in the year 2000, with a new commercial representative.

As a result of its work and importance in the sector, in 2003 it transferred its head offices to the capital city. During this period, responsibility for technical matters had already been taken on by local partners.

New facilities in Beira were created in 2007. As it won new deals, gained valid partnerships and consequently boosted the loyalty of customers all over the country, the company became an increasingly relevant part of the bakery market, achieving a position of leadership on the Mozambique market.

In this phase, equipment and oven assembly and installation services are provided by Mozambican technicians, and many of the components are also produced in the country, a result of a clear commitment to the qualification of its human resources.

The resulting improvements in the quality of life of all those affected are, without a doubt, one of Ferneto’s biggest victories in Mozambique!

In 2010, with a long list of loyal customers and notable fame, the company constructed a second warehouse in Maputo to continue with its market strategies and provide even higher quality service.

In 2011, as a result of its extensive market knowledge combined with the added value of the Ferneto Group, it began to branch out and include new partner companies in its mission, specifically For Mozambique and Actybeira which, as a team, provide a direct service in Maputo, Beira and Nampula.

Pedro Novo, manager of this company for seven years, has perfected his resources year after year and focussed all efforts on the bakery and patisserie sectors where, in fact, he feels a genuine passion for what the grass roots of the sector represent.

As a bakery specialist Ferneto Moçambique provides an all-round service, offering equipment to small- and large-scale industries alike, along with 24 hour technical assistance

This is just a snapshot of what Ferneto Moçambique represents and its track record over almost 20 years of existence. A track record that has embraced numerous experiences and that has also made a modest contribution to the development of Mozambique, a nation that is an example to the world!

Long live Ferneto Mozambique! May we have many more experiences together.


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