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Tecnipão 2020: postponed
Tecnipão 2020 postponed. New date to be defined.
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World Bread Day: October 16, 2019
Bread belongs to the world!
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10 minutos: edition September 2019
Content in portuguese
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Profitability, variety and africanity - Bakish Forum: Africa
..., the Bakish Forum was created, especially dedicated to French-speaking Africa: Mali, Chad, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.
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A journey dedicated to bread (Ruta Española del Buen Pan)
Distributed by the autonomous communities of Spain, the “Ruta del Buen Pan” elects the 80 best bakers in the country...
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Best bakery practices: dust propagation
The adoption of best working, hygiene and safety practices, which reduce dust emissions and the amount of time that workers are exposed to dust, is an obligation that employers must meet.
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Baker´s Asthma
The risk of exposure to the illness is derived mostly from the proximity and close contact to flour dust, which could affect all operators involved in the production, preparation and baking process of bread and other bakery and pastry products.
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Non-Compliance: European Standard EN 453:2014
It is mandatory to apply the requirements of European standard EN 453:2014. Non-compliance leads to consequences for the parties involved, specifically the possibility of incurring fines.
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Bowl's safety covers (spiral mixers): technical changes
The use of an sealed safety guard on the mixer bowl is the method used and implemented by Ferneto to limit dust emissions.
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European standard EN 453:2014 - Spiral mixers (bowl's safety cover)
Valid for all dough mixers with volumes between 5 and 500 liters, the European Standard EN 453:2014 highlights the main existing hazards, including the inhalation of flour dust due to the use of spiral mixers.
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