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Ferneto began exporting bakery equipment to Venezuela back in 1996, but, by then, it was already a well-known brand across that market, since the business was led by Portuguese from Madeira and Aveiro.

"Family connections, as well as the excellent Portuguese Venezuelan relationships, ensured the starting conditions and the confidence aimed at a very challenging project: Ferneto Venezuela”, refers António Neto, CEO for Ferneto, to ECO.

Establishing this company was an important step towards acknowledging the "real needs of the market" and "boosting exports". Although it has grown and strengthened its position across that market - the company was able to achieve 25% of the country's concentrated sales - in recent years there have been "some setbacks".

"Political evolution, and the investment limits it has determined, have significantly affected our presence in Venezuela, by reducing exports of some of our main equipment such as spiral mixers and planetary mixers," explains António Neto.

For Ferneto, it is no longer easy to export this type of equipment to that country in Latin America. And it is under "enormous concern" that the company looks at "the difficulties and all the suffering of the population in general and of the Portuguese in particular", something which it considers "unacceptable".

However, refraining from that market is not an option.” Leaving it has never been considered as a hypothesis, nor did we accept this hypothesis as a result of self-will. It joints us an almost umbilical relationship of great respect and gratitude, both in Venezuela and in Portugal", concludes the head of the company.


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