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Yet another edition of Intersicop was held between the 19th and 21st of February 2017. This is the most important trade fair for the bakery sector in Spain and its five year history.

A feature of this edition was a smaller exhibition space, made unique by its nature of being openly focused on the sector. Every square metre was taken up by the main players in the sector, making it a true showcase for professionals and investors in the Spanish bakery sector.

Spanish and international exhibitors of equipment, raw materials and services came together in a space where you could really “smell freshly baked bread”, due to the continuous initiatives run by the organisers, in which Spanish national bakery-patisserie champions played a vital role in the dynamics of the fair.

As we have been present at Intersicop since its first edition, we put our heart and soul into this event aimed at the growth of the bakery sector in Spain, with our emblem featuring the passion that we feel for bread,  “Yo amo pan” (I love bread).

And because every deal is unique, with specific needs that only the stakeholders are able to perceive and feel, we fitted our stand out with a lot of the products that we manufacture for Spain and the four corners of the world, making it a space shared by everybody, where innovation meets tradition.

Small and large capacity spiral mixers, planetary mixers, dividers, brakes, cutting tables, presses, moulds and cold equipment - we brought everything together to make sure that nothing was lacking. Part of this collection featured our most recent innovations: the bidirectional tilting lift EXB, the removable bowl mixer ATR, the pie-tart press PTF and the manual square divider DMQ.

Over the 3 days of the fair, we had the opportunity to mingle with professionals from several different Spanish provinces, and to discuss and learn about different issues, techniques and products:

  • Spanish baguettes and how our spiral mixers can help to save kneading time, as well as the baguette moulder, which provides a positive solution for the production of different dimensions of baguette;
  • how the Murcia style meat pie can be shaped at record speed with the PMF pie-tart press PTF;
  • about the “carolinas” from Bilbao, puff pastry sweets filled with coconut cream and meringue “decorated” with dribbles of chocolate... these delicacies are much easier to produce with the help of Ferneto’s planetery mixers and pastry brakes;
  • about the “square bread rolls” like ciabatta and the new manual square divider DMQ that divides bread with dimensions between 40 and 400mm;
  • and about other products such as hornazos, mantecados, Cádiz bread, candeal bread, the casadielles from Asturias, Santiago and Rioja cakes, and many others;

An intense few days, during which teamwork functioned seamlessly between employees, distributors and customers, and was rewarded, above all, by the numerous visitors that we welcomed to our stand

We would like to say a big thank you to everybody who was with us at Intersicop, for the trust that you place in Ferneto.To everybody:employees, partners, distributors, customers and friends, a huge thank you for continuing to grow together!


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