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Anybody who operates in the Brazilian bakery and confectionery sector is aware of, or has certainly heard about FIPAN, one of the most important fairs that brings together owners, directors and managers of bakeries, restaurants, rotisseries and buffets with other operators.

During the event, professionals from all over the country and every Brazilian state head to the Expo Center Norte to find out about the latest trends in the sector. During the 2017 edition, FIPAN, with 36 thousand square metres of exhibition space shared by 250 exhibitors, played host to over 65 thousand visitors from 45 countries and 1380 cities. “Pizza Roldão” and Arena do Confeiteiro” played a major part in organising the fair.

Having attended the fair directly since 2013, Ferneto Brazil revamped its presence by creating a bakery space with live production.
A correct and evidently very successful decision, which allowed us to showcase the other side of Ferneto Brazil...
… The side of flour, dough and the skilled hands of the baker who operates Ferneto’s machines in search of that smell of warm bread, of the crunchy sound as it breaks, of the appealing visual appearance and the flavour that nourishes body and soul.

France Panificação was in charge of the bakery area, which yet again honoured us with its presence and partnership in this event.Technicians from Atelier do Boulanger, a recently opened business school in São Paulo, and some invited pastry chefs (from Brazil and France), delighted all of the visitors with their techniques and unique products.

In addition to planetary and spiral mixes and bread slicing machines, highlights were the innovative pie-tart press and the square manual divider, forming part of a comprehensive and diverse list of equipment at the service Brazilian industry and professionals.

Many thanks to everybody who visited us during the fair.

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