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Why is it that one custard pie can be sold for 2 Euros and another, seemingly identical, is sold for 2 Euros in a pack of six?

Why do some products do not have much turnover during the day, but sell out at certain times?

  • different ingredients are used,
  • some companies are much more competitive than others, with more aggressive commercial attitudes,
  • the manufacturing company or brand has a very prestigious name, or a very positive image among consumers,
  • the use of high tech and profitable equipment that allow costs to be optimised in a major way;
  • the implementation of management systems and innovations at the sales establishment,
  • availability and public opening times, -empathy, attention and good service provided by employees,
  • the type of business itself (manufacturer, point of sale or retail store),


The fact that there are numerous responses, all of which can be true, exemplifies the situation that we are dealing with.
Projects are born, grow and renewed based on knowledge of consumers, and knowing how to operate with them. The market sets the rules and it is the consumer who accepts or rejects them, who says yes or no and who causes the permanent transformation of the market.

As seen in society and in other consumer-focused business centres, the composition of the Portuguese industrial bakery industry has changed.

There are specialist production companies focusing on just one category of products (plain, filled or ham and cheese croissants, and mini croissants, sold individually or in packages of several...) Many patisseries base their added value on high quality and extremely fresh products in their window displays, along with good service. Very competitive bakery plants exist with large scale bread production units.

Overnight, “open-door factories” can be found, willing to serve hot croissants, Portuguese chorizo bread, slices of pizza and a range of pastries. Businesses are currently only sustainable when this is permitted by the consumer, who has the need and makes purchases. This is why it is necessary to know the consumers, their habits, behaviours and expectations.

Flavour, quantity, healthiness, light products, competitive prices, uniqueness, freshness, innovation, diversity, empathy, availability, frequency, offers or promotions, etc. are just some of the main consumption variables that need to be taken into account by anyone working in the bread and patisserie industry. Knowing how to seek out markets, going out to discover (or create) products and services that could go on to meet certain consumption variables and that, in the future, could become attractive niche markets, is sometimes more important than “manufacturing for the window display”.

This is why in bakery, in our sector, it is essential to communicate with customers, talk to them, find out about them, ask them if they like their bread “golden brown” or baked less; if they like more chocolate in their croissant or a lighter pastry.

Promote and create opportunities to communicate with your customers, question their satisfaction and test out their ideas for new products, get more messages in the media and keep records of your relations. What next? Roll up your sleeves and get to work!



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