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Gressinos or gressinis or grissinis - those long, thing, dry and crispy “sticks” of bread without a crumb, - are very well known words in the vocabulary that we used to describe our food.

From the Italian word “grissino", the gressino recipe originally comes from Turin and is prepared based on wheat, water and salt.

Available in many different sizes and thicknesses, these snacks started to appear on supermarket shelves and win over the preferences of restaurant goers; this fact confirms that there is a demand an interest among consumers.

In fact, gressinos are a very interesting product that adapts easily to different cultures, tastes and consumption habits.In addition to size and thickness, they can be prepared with aromatic herbs, coarse-grained salt, seeds and other ingredients, effectively breaking up the market.

Today we see:

  • gressinos with coarse-grained salt are served in bars and cafés, to accompany refreshing beverages;
  • a lot of mothers give small gressinos to their young children at supper time;
  • restaurants serve gressinos as an aperitif as a starter before a meal, accompanied by cheese and pâtés;
  • at home, they are used to welcome guests, along with a fizzy drink;
  • they can be quickly and creatively served at events... when rolled in ham they are a real delicacy for the eyes.


It can be said that gressinos are a very democratic product on the food market, as well as being of commercial interest for the bakery industry, which has all the resources it needs to produce them to a high quality. However, despite growing demand on the market, it’s not yet a star product in the display cases of Portuguese bakeries and cake shops.An opportunity that certainly should be exploited.

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