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Time is one of the most important variables in baking, particularly when professionals have to perfectly carry out many different tasks every day, without failures that could lead to delayed orders and deliveries, and that could affect sales on the shop floor. This is particularly the case in the bakery industry, where demands and pressure are constant features.

When preparing dough in a spiral mixer, time is by far the most important factor.
Time to weigh the correct quantities of all the ingredients and place them into the bowl.
Time to allow the mixer to do its work.
Time to feel the dough and ensure that kneading produces the best possible results.
Time to bake great bread while carrying out other tasks.

However, it is now possible to measure out and add water to the bowl very simply and quickly, by using the water meter integrated in to the spiral mixer, which is operated from the machine’s control panel.

In manual mode, the operator defines the amount of water that needs to be added at the respective mixing speed, and confirms it for the intended amount of time.

In automatic mode, the operator uses the operating time programming feature to define the quantity of water that needs to be added at each mixing speed. With this method, it is only necessary to program the machine once, as the quantity of water is saved in the operating program.

To demonstrate this function we created a video that you can see clicking here.

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