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The “empanada”, the name used in Spain and almost all of Latin America, is a pasty made from wheat flour pastry, filled with a range of different ingredients and that comes in several different shapes (semi-circle, rectangular, circular, ...) and sizes, found all over the world.

In Spain can be found the “empanada galega”, the formatjad typically found on Menorca in the Balearic Islands, the cocarroi on Majorca, the “batallón empanada in the province of León... many other references can also be found in Latin America:empanada de pino in Chile, puff pastry empanadas in Peru, empanadas tucumanas in Argentina, and llauchas in Bolivia.

They are all different from each other, but share a common feature of the root of the word “empanada”, derived from the Spanish word “empanar”, meaning to wrap or cover with bread.

It is a very versatile dish, as it is equally acceptable both as a starter, or as a main dish accompanied by other foods.You don’t need cutlery to enjoy it, and it is easy to carry around. Nowadays, pasties are sold ready to eat in millions of restaurants and bakeries, and they can also be purchased frozen, ready to be cooked.

The sensationally diverse range of pastries and fillings make the pasty a universal product. They can be filled with meat, fish, seafood, fruit or vegetables, and wrapped with normal wheat flour pastry, cornflour pastry, puff pastry or even shortcrust pastry.

As well as being a product with plenty of history, pasties are a classic example of global cuisine, as they can be found all over the world, and a new variety can be created in any bakery or restaurant. It’s a multicultural product that conserves many traditions and raises levels of culinary creativity still further.

For industries that make pasties their art and profession, making good ones is no easy task. In addition to learning about the different tastes and habits of the consumer, it also involves a precise knowledge of the different phases of production.

The correct preparation of ingredients, pastry preparation conditioning factors and times, quantities of ingredients and seasoning and, above all, the phases of putting together a pasty on a large scale, are all variables that industry experts know about better than anybody.

At Ferneto, we offer a solution aimed at industrial companies that produce pasties on a large scale. A vertical cutting table, designed to include several work stations for customised recipes, work methods and a range of different production requirements, allowing around 3000 pasties to be produced per hour. Find out more.


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