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Raising funds for a business is one of the main challenges faced by companies on a daily basis.

Producing a lot is not synonymous with working well, and achieving a good profit at the end of the month is not, in itself, a reflection of good business performance.

To effectively raise capital for a business, it is important to consider a lot of investment and financing data and information.
The analysis and negotiation of raising financial resources, the adequate use of available financial resources, keeping track of cash transactions, controlling accounts relating to sales and purchases with instalment payments, taxes and operational expenses, credits and loans are just “a few parts” of a company’s financial situation that can have a positive or negative influence on its ability to invest.

Growth, improvement, optimisation, innovation and creation are the buzzwords of entrepreneurship, as they are always intrinsically linked to investment capacity. A good idea for producing a cake, a new traditional bakery project, a production unit aimed at internationalisation and any other project or initiative can only be implemented with investment. Fortunately, for the “good of our economy”, systems of incentives are in place for businesses that want to gather resources for investment.

Business incentive systems take the form of a financial instrument that, by granting incentives, provide support for investment in areas such as research and development, production and marketing, by sustaining and facilitating investment in new product development and the acquisition of new machines and equipment.

Many Portuguese companies have committed to growth by applying for investment support for new business projects. Several incentives are available to entrepreneurs in Portugal for developing new projects in different areas:

  • QREN
  • Portugal 2020
  • Comércio Investe
  • IEFP

Look for the one that best suits your company and its project. 
A good idea is not only implemented through investment, as a lot of thought is also necessary, along with plenty of love and following the different stages of the project step-by-step. Before any financial investment is made, time should be invested in drawing up a business plan that addresses any issues and sets out the methods that will be used to ensure that targets are sustainable and that they can be met.

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