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The position of spiral mixer in bakery industry puts it in a special condition within the manufacture.

Products are born from spiral mixer, transforming themselves into dough to be prepared for other stages: cutting, division, rolling, rounding, …, resulting in final products such as bread, cakes and other food products.

The importance of spiral mixers in bakers’ daily life and in bakery is crucial, and requirements of bakery market and food industry are very complex. It becomes central, for buyers, users, investors and professionals of food sector, to analyse and consider industrial spiral mixers under several aspects that we resume below:

  • The ease of handling towards usage by diverse operators;
  • Versatility in production of several types of dough that differ in what relates to ingredients and levels of hydration;
  • The flexibility in quantity produced, either small or big quantities, in order to answer to niche markets and small groups of consumers;
  • The gains and optimization of mixing and kneading periods, provided by the speed of work and by the possibility of programming times and speeds;
  • More efficient energy consumption that promote more competitiveness in market that ensure good levels of energy use as required by new economies
  • The ease in equipment washing and in technical maintenance of the same, as well as the warranty of a quick and efficient technical service in case of assistance;
  • Legal obligations defined for industrial spiral mixers and for producing companies, such as the protection covers for bowls that limit the dust propagation.


Ferneto, producer of equipment, has searching for ways to answer to these and other requirements from bakery market, either through innovation, or through technical changes that increment the added value of its equipment.

Based in “bakish” premises defended by the company, the infographic below maps the main features of spiral mixers with fixed, removable and lifting bowl.

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