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Without using any mechanical instruments whatsoever, human beings have the ability to knead several kilos of dough per day, depending on their physical condition, experience and even the dough's recipe, specifically the dough's hydration level.
Kneading 10, 20 or 50 kg by hand is a very relative and inconsistent task.

However, not so many years ago this is how it was done, by hand, by many hands of bakers; this was how bread was made.

There are currently many options for “hand kneading”, from bread machines to kitchen robots. There are also a wide range of solutions for each situation, depending on:

  • the time that we want to spend on the task;
  • the amount of a dough that we intend to produce;
  • the number of different doughs that we intent to produce during a single working day;
  • the physical effort that needs to be made;
  • the characteristics of the recipe (it is a herculean task to hand-knead doughs with a water content of over 70%, and it even wears down kitchen robots)
  • along with a range of other different situations;


For somebody who has never worked with an industrial spiral mixer, there are many advantages::

  1. A faster kneading and ingredient development process when compared to manual processes, or even compared to kitchen robots;
  2. More standardised production, enabled by constant movements, regardless of time of day and the operators operating the equipment;
  3. Optimisation of production times and the possibility to focus on other tasks, through programming and a memory for work times and recipes;
  4. A larger range of types of dough. The synchronisation between the 2 components, a spiral hook and a bowl with a cone in the centre, allows the kneading of a range of different dough types and different quantities, while minimising the traditional overheating and resulting in a higher quality end product;
  5. Prevention of the most severe physical injuries, which can only be diagnosed after many years of work.


Spiral mixers can offer other additional bonuses to bakers who are starting out on a new life project, or to cooks and hospitality professionals who seek to diversify their range of products, specifically through bread

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