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The company Ferneto was founded on January 10th, 1986 in the small town of Vagos.

During the company’s initial phase of operations, we commercialized bakery and pastry products, which in turn enabled us to move into the equipment market. This type of approach allowed us to gain an in-depth understanding of the sector and acquire valuable market data and information, which would otherwise have been extremely difficult to attain.

Four years later, this knowledge enabled Ferneto to compete directly in the bakery and pastry equipment market in Portugal.

In that same year, we created and supplied the first Ferneto machine, a Bun Divider-Rounder, entirely adapted to our working methods and with clear business productivity and profitability gains.

The market positioning adopted at the time, focusing on customer proximity, anticipation of needs and the conception of more reliable and functional equipment, allowed the company to achieve favorable growth.

The desire to grow, perseverance, determination and the collaboration of our clients led to the start of exports to the markets of Venezuela and Mozambique. We also established ties with Portuguese communities of other countries, which enabled us to expand our export markets.

Since then we have acquired a lot of experience, endeavored and faced many obstacles (oftentimes due to a lack of resources), which were always overcome by the unwavering will to grow and contribute towards transforming Portugal into a world reference in the confectionery and pastry sector.

This 34 years confirm the passion and affection we have for bakery, pastry and for all those that work in this sector. It gives us enormous satisfaction to be able to provide professionals and companies of all sizes and from around the world with cost-effective and efficient solutions that meet the needs of each client and of each market.

It is a result that we have successfully achieved and that continues to drive us. This 32 years also represent, on the other hand, an enormous responsibility – continuing the excellent work undertaken up to now.

Here are a some remarks of our history.


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