As a business group, Ferneto integrates a broad universe of companies that operate in several sectors of activity, beyond the food industry in Portugal.

The benefits of the quality levels achieved and the consequent improvement of the economic and social environment in which the Ferneto Group falls have been providing, over time, a significant increase in the positive image of the Group.

Achieving a positive image is undoubtedly a reflection of the commitment and effort that all employees of the different companies put in the development of their tasks, which together are the cornerstone of the awareness and assumption of our mission of service to society.

The ethical relationships developed, the rigour in the treatment of different processes and accountability in the performance of each mission, reflected not only in the way the companies operate in the market but also internally alongside employees and externally with partners and customers and the society in general, is the DNA that characterizes, identifies and distinguishes the group, motivating us daily to look to the future with the same ambition and dynamism with which we started this journey.


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