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As part of its policy to develop new solutions for the bakery and patisserie industry, the company Ferneto recently launched a new piece of equipment: a dough extruder.

As suggested by its name, the extruder passes the dough through a hole, where it is extruded. After processing, extrusion causes the dough to takes on the shape of a cord, with a diameter and configuration matching the shape of the hole (output) through which it passed.

An ability to adjust the cutting rate, the belt speed and the motor speed means that the Ferneto EMA has a very versatile nature.

In addition to extruding several types of biscuit, this equipment allows dough to be produced for snacks, - a sector that has recently experienced fast-paced growth - as most cereals can be subjected to this process.

In other sectors of the food industry, the extrusion method has been “used to prepare food rations for the army and outdoor pursuits, food for specific diets and food designed to meet nutritional needs during situations of disasters or natural accidents.


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