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The Ferneto automatic bun divider was invented to allow greater gains in the homogenization of the manufactured products and the efficiency of working times, as well as a more comfortable and ergonomic work for the operators of modern bakeries and pastries.

The new automatic bun divider Ferneto follows the Ferneto dividers, in a natural evolution that responds to the needs of homogenization of production and the optimization of time that many baking industries experience.

Aesthetically similar to its semiautomatic counterparts (DSA and DSF), DAA is distinguished by its straight lines of the coil "head" and its entirely stainless steel construction.

Its operation is quite simple, just select these 5 functions:

  1. the pressing time,
  2. the winding time,
  3. the winding height,
  4. with or without winding (optional),
  5. relief during or before winding (optional),


Put the plate with the mass mixture and DAA takes care of the rest. This allows cutting and curling dough with 40 to 80% hydration and pasta, such as brioche.

The tactile control allows to carry out the programming of 12 work, with adjustments in the pressing time, height of winding and cut.

Like the DSA, the cutting presses (15, 22, 30, 36 and 54 units) can be replaced, but in a more automated way.

Cleaning is quick, just use a damp cloth or use an air gun to remove any dust and debris that builds up inside. Watch the DAA video here.

The equipment complies with all the requirements of CE, UL (North American) and NR12 (Brazilian Standard).


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